July 26, 2013

Gone Fishin'!

 *all photos here are of our grandson, Peter*

Well, not really fishin', but since it's summer, and I haven't been here, and I've been stressing about being here ... I thought I'd post a little bit earlier than my usual blogging hiatus of the month of August and let you know how I am!

I hope you're all having a great summer!  The weather here has been different - extremely hot at times, extremely wet at times, quite cool at times, sunny a lot. 
the completed walkway

My life is certainly full - between diaper changes (not for me, lol) and family birthday parties, trips to the beach with the whole group, including our baby grandson and foster baby, visits to see my mom at the nursing home - and just plain old life in general, it's busy.  But I'm loving it!  I wish I could share pics of our foster baby - wow, I'm in love!  My heart aches at times because I realize how much baby's mom is missing and how blessed I am to play mom to children who need a mom.  It feels like such a privilege - even when I get spit up on and (like today) pooped on! ;)  Even when I'm up with a fussy child - and when I have to clean up yet another toy.  Again. 

We have plans to go camping soon and we are allowed to take baby along with us!  We're pretty excited!  It will, however, be another learning curve to take a little one along camping - but we're happy to do it!  Our 19yo daughter and our neice plan to come along also so we'll have some good help! ;) 

Weight and health-wise I've been doing well and I've been attending TOPS regularly.  My weight is maintaining, which is good but not enough.  I've had trouble with another kidney stone (which hasn't left the premises yet) and that has taken away my appetite.  I cannot lose weight when I don't eat enough. 

Next weekend I say goodbye to age 46 and hello to 47 - and menopause still isn't here :( ... I am soooo ready. 

So I plan to come back here in September, likely mid-month, so don't panic when/if you don't see me here!  Oh and if you'd like to, feel free to email me or comment here and I will get your message!  I'd love to hear from you and hear how you've been doing too! 
"talking" to grandma at the beach!
✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith! ~ Dawn


SunnySusan said...

You are babied out there and you are loving it I know!!
This has been a busy summer for us too. Amy is going into the 10th grade and I will be 61 !!!! how did that happen....next month!!
My weight is in the 170's...I haven't seen that decade since high school!!
I am healthy and able to walk for miles now. We are celebrating Amy's sweet 16 party at Disneyland this year. It will be the last big one we will celebrate until her 21st so this will be big one!!
Enjoy your babies!!

Denny said...

I hope you have had an amazing Summer. Looking forward to your blogs again.