October 16, 2013

Be Nice to Your Best Friend

grandbaby LOVE!
One of the things that I've been working on is becoming my best friend.  What I mean by that is trying to be NICE TO MYSELF.  I know that I would never say the things I sometimes think to my best friend - or even to an acquaintance, and then I go on and on degrading myself in my own mind. Why?

It's a habit, I think.  I've learned to look critically at myself. 

he's already grown whiskers!

Fast forward to this past weekend.  Thanksgiving here, time for our annual family photo.  In last year's photo I felt FAT.  I was struggling with my weight, and then when we saw the photos, I was critical of myself.  This year I wanted a change.  My weight IS lower this year than last, so I was a bit more optimistic.  I was careful in what I wore, so that I wouldn't look bigger than I am. 

And then I saw this. Yes, we are humourous here and my oldest daughter was taking pics, and she took this one.  Oh. la. la.

It set me off. :( Self-hatred, the whole 9-yards. 


✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith! ~ Dawn
a better view, me and my man.

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Lori said...

It is rare for me to see a picture of myself that I like. I am not a photogenic person even at my best. I've wondered if there is a class I can take to learn how to hold my head or shoulders, etc to look normal in a photograph.

I'll be interested in any advice you get.