November 25, 2013

Lotsa News

Hello friends, sorry I've been AWOL but I do have good reasons!  First, our little one left our home and I am on call right now in case baby needs to come back, then, after a week, we will be on-call for another fostering placement.  It's been a bit of a roller coaster - saying goodbye to a sweetie who has touched our lives and hearts - but it's also been a good thing.  We had an AMAZING time with this little one - from May until this week, and it feels good to have done a good thing for someone in need! 

Our daughter and son-in-law announced that they're expecting a baby so that means that we're expecting our SECOND grandchild! ;)  Exciiiiting!!  Our grandson (from our son and daughter-in-law) is now 6 months old and baby is due in June, 2014.  We are very excited!

My sugar "cleanse" (I use that word reluctantly because I don't believe in "cleanses" per se - I don't believe in quick fixes) has gone very well - it seems to be the key that I was missing.  I lost 5 lbs. in the first week and it's been slower since then.  The best part, besides the weight loss, is that I've never felt better!  Not as tired as I used to be and my cravings have all but stopped.  Even PMS cravings.  I am still learning about it all - reading more - and hopefully this will continue.

Oh and one more tidbit about going sugarless:  I haven't had ONE bit of kidney pain since I went sugarless!!!  I am excited about that and hope it continues.

mine is this red colour! :)
Quinny "Buzz" bassinet stroller - bassinet
can be removed and a seat put on for
an older child

I had to cancel a bunch of appointments at the WMC due to fostering responsibilities, but there is some news - not good news actually.  My metabolism has SLOWED, which is not good (right now I'm burning only 16 calories/lb - I was burning 22 calories/lb).  This is likely because I haven't been getting my brisk walks in as frequently as necessary.  So this week I am working on getting back into those.  I now have an amazing protective stroller (like a pram) that should do well for winter walking - I hope to get some good use out of it this winter!  For now I can take a bit of a break and get some jobs done around here as well as get some good walking done.  I hope to show you some good pedometer stats very soon! ;)

Off to go pick up a Christmas tree!  THAT should be fun!

HOW ARE YOU DOING?  Leave a comment and let me know!
✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith! ~ Dawn

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Lori said...

So good to hear from you. I'm glad you are well and the sugar detox has worked for you.

You are a wonderful person for fostering babies. My sister does it as well. It is so hard letting those sweet babies go.