March 24, 2014

It's MARCH...hehe

the "spring" day
Did that title get your attention?  Maybe you ignored it, thinking it's almost APRIL! Well, shows you how long it takes me to get to blogging now...

Thank you for your responses re: to blog or not to blog.  I think I will continue, however, I will aim for 1x per month, and if time is generous for me, I will try an extra blog post mid-month too... IF...

Life has been busy - but baby is getting easier so I'm getting into a semi-routine (very "semi" still) and am not so tired myself.  This really is a dream "job" for me - I enjoy it so much (if you don't know, we foster babies).  We just had our ANNUAL FOSTERING REVIEW - 1 yr!!  Amazing.  One  year of fostering and three children helped!  This is our pro-life views in action. 

the next day :(
I am really missing my walks.  Winter has been, well, WINTER, here since November.  We usually get gray, rainy, blaaaah, cold winters - with some snow here and there, which I don't like either.  Especially the grayness - which is tough for my SAD.  This winter was snow, snow, snow, and more snow.  And cold, cold, cold.  It was also sunny, sunny, sunny, so that was the good part.  But certainly not a winter for even bundled-up walks with baby - especially a premie baby.  Got a nice walk in a couple of weeks ago - it was cold, but not COLD and felt so springy.  I was in spring-mode.  The next day my exercise was hauling snow - A LOT of it.  Quite discouraging.  Right now we've got a windchill so even though it's a sunny day and the roads are clear of snow, it's not a baby-walk day :( .  Maybe soon.

Trying to get to doing an indoor exercise DVD but that has been tricky.  Baby doesn't seem to like to give me the 30-45 minutes it takes to do it.  I have gone to the mall and walked.  Am wearing my pedometer again but I'm getting around 6,000 daily steps.  A lot less than my 10,000+ steps last year. :( 

My weight has been slowly going down and I hope to have something good to tell you about it next post. 

HOW ARE THINGS GOING IN YOUR NECK OF THE WOODS?  Has spring arrived for you (other than in name only?!)

✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith! ~ Dawn


Lori said...

We have had a crazy winter too. We actually had snow this morning! It was just great big puffy flakes that were quite pretty and did not stick. Still, I am finished with the cold.

SunnySusan said...

Hi Twinnie

We have had much of a winter here at all. I hope Summer doesn't get too hot. I cannot believe it has been a year of you fostering. What an awesome time you have had. Amy is going to a charter school so I still have her home 2-3 days a week. Kinda like homeschooling but not really. They do all the work. I just get the pleasure of her home. And she wants to be home with me!! The only thing really new here is we are really praying about moving to Tennessee or Georgia. Paul will be retiring in about 8 years or so and SoCalif is just way to expensive to live. We live paycheck to paycheck and that's not fun at all. He can transfer to many states here with his job, but I don't want to move north like Chicago...too cold and snowy for this gal. I am too old to make that kind of transition so we are looking into those states. So he is actively seeing what kind of transfer he can get. I've been looking online for rentals and the rent there is half of what we pay here.
Unbelieveable for sure. Thinking about packing up years of stuff again is daunting for sure. But if that is what is takes, we will do it.