April 12, 2014

Mirrors Don't Lie Do They?

... DO THEY?  No they don't. 
Today I went shopping with my youngest daughter - without baby (opa babysat) and it was fun -- until I saw my reflection and then my feelings nose-dived. 

I didn't like what I saw, at all.

Didn't weigh myself yesterday and missed my TOPS WI (more on that later) but I can feel the difference.  Walks haven't happened as often as I'd like them to (or want them to) and I DO need them.  So I've got to ramp things up again.  Even if it's a DVD instead of an outdoor walk.

I missed my TOPS WI yesterday because I babysat our grandson.  Our daughter-in-law is expecting again but has been having difficulties and even thought she'd miscarried last weekend.  She ended up in the hospital on Sunday evening. We are thankful that she didn't and baby is active and well and is 15 weeks along now. 

Our daughter has only EIGHT weeks until she delivers her first child!  Our first grand-daughter, or so two ultrasounds say.  If this little one isn't a girl, he'd better like pink! ;)

our grandson, Peter (almost 11 months)
Life stays busy for me - the last two weeks have been waaaay too busy, but with busyness that couldn't be helped.  I am glad that I have a few breather days coming up (hopefully).  My mom is declining more and more - walking with a walker now (if she remembers it).  She sleeps a lot and can't carry on much of a conversation anymore.  I'm thankful to have baby to bring along to visits - she perks up with baby and it makes visiting much easier. 

We finished our 1st YEAR of fostering and had an excellent review.  We feel blessed to have helped three children in the past year!


✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith! ~ Dawn


Staci Moize said...

Peter is a gorgeous little boy! I hope things go okay for the remainder of both pregnancies for the ladies. I'm sure that was such a scare!

Tori Leslie said...

Wow, so how long as it been since I've visited your blog? Foster parents? New grandbaby? I've really been AWOL.
I've got some back reading to do. Btw, that baby boy is too cute for words, love those chubby baby arms. Congrats on the soon to be granddaughter. Your life sounds so awesome right now. I've heard being a grand is the best thing in the world. My middle son is very serious with his girl and they're planning getting married in 4 years when he finishes college. Then, grand babies for me!
I'll try not to stay away so long next time. {{{hugs}}}