May 20, 2014

Updates & Photos

grandma and grandson Peter
I'm still here, still struggling with weight and exercise - or should I say "working" rather than "struggling"?  The truth is that my weight is up about 10 lbs. right now and I am working/struggling to get it off ASAP.... Journaling via My Fitness Pal helps me so much. I have the APP on my phone for convenience (and no excuses!)

Still enjoying fostering SO MUCH - little one keeps me busy and with lots of slobbery kisses!

Our  grandson Peter who turns ONE this week!  How can that be? 

Our oldest daughter and son-in-law are expecting their little one VERY SOON - June 6th now, our first grand-daughter! (or so three ultrasounds say!) ... looking forward to meeting her and holding her finally! 

DIL @ 20 wks, D @ 37 wks.
Peter's 1st birthday cake -
made by mommy! 
(she made me a GF cupcake, yum, yum)
Our daughter-in-law is doing very well despite earlier serious problems in the pregnancy and is now 20 weeks along.  Still early but also very encouraging and we are so thankful for that and pray that it will continue on this path.

Lord-willing we will be grandparents 3x over by the fall!  God is good (and grandparenting is awesome!) BLESSED!

DIL, son and grandson
@ 1st birthday party yesterday
(bday is on May 22)
✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith! ~ Dawn


Staci Moize said...

I'm sorry the scale is up. I'm sure you are a VERY busy mom, foster parent, grandma, etc these days! Peter is adorable, and I can only imagine how excited you are about adding more grandbabies to the brood. Praying for DIL.

SunnySusan said...

what great pics. Peter is a cutie. And 2 more grandbabies coming soon. How awesome for you. God is good.
I am praying that your DIL comes to full term with no more excitement. And also for your daughter too.
Can you believe I can collect my social security in Sept? I will be 62 in August. I cannot believe it. But I am happy we are getting another income in here. Southern Calif is getting so much more expensive.
We are not even going to retire here. We have been looking to settle in South Carolina. No family there but it is beautiful And Paul can still work until he retires. We hope to move in 2 years when Amy finishes high school. Maybe earlier? Waiting on God for that one.
Blessings to you and yours