January 5, 2015

2015 is here!

Happy New Year everyone! I'm sure you've all given up on me but I AM still alive and finally getting here to update.  The fall was a busy one, but a good one and our Christmas season was crazy busy but also good.  I'm enjoying the quietness of the house again after our little was adopted, but am also healing from the sadness of him leaving.  Our baby, brought home here after he was born, as a little, little one, until a few weeks after his first birthday - ours, and now gone.  It IS sad, but also amazingly happy to see him grow and develop so well and to have had a part of that, and to see him and his new parents bond in an amazing way.  For now I plan to rest a bit, get a few jobs done, hopefully get some physio on my knee done, and prepare for the next little that God has planned for us to love.

Our grandbabies are doing well - our oldest is 19 months, next is 6 months, and next is 3 months! They are ALL so sweet, and I'm not the least bit biased, haha.

My weight has suffered since I tore my meniscus, so I've been working extra hard on that.  I'm up about 18 lbs.  NOT good, and I can feel it.  So for now, my ticker here will show 20lbs. to lose.  Looking forward to getting that back on track.  I really miss my walks, and I feel like I can start doing more and more now.  I do have to be careful especially since there's snow and ice outdoors and I can so easily reinjure my knee again.  For now I plan to do an indoor DVD and stretching. 

So I hope to update a bit more here, especially on Fridays as I attend my weekly TOPS weigh-ins. 

Let me know how you're all doing please!  I need to catch up!  Is there anything I can pray for you about? Feel free to email me if you'd rather not leave a request in the comments.

God bless you in 2015!

✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith...and fostering! ~ Dawn

October 17, 2014

Still Alive -- with news!

happy grandparents!

our son & his daughter!

Hello friends!  So much has gone on and I apologize for being AWOL.  I don't expect that you've been waiting for me, holding your breath but I do like to think I've been missed...maybe a bit?!

the whole family
Good news first: grandchild #3 arrived SAFELY AND HEALTHY!  Praise God!  She did arrive quickly - like an ambulance ride and she showed herself before mom was admitted to hospital, and promptly 5 minutes after arriving at the hospital! BUT, she's PERFECT! And mom is doing great.  No news on why the problems all happened but we do thank the Lord for protecting mom and baby!  Meet Caralynne Anne, 7 lbs. 5 oz. born on October 3, 1 day before her due date.

grandson Peter
In other news - there is no family for our little foster baby :( which is very sad, but we trust in God's plan and the agency is following some "leads".  With that news we began to practice teaching him the Happy Birthday song (December) and putting his hands up for "hip hip horray" and HE'S GOT THE HANDS UP ALREADY!! lol So cute.  We feel blessed with all the time that we are given with him.

we love being grandparents
the grandgirls - Vanessa
eating Caralynne's fingers!
And weight-wise - I AM STRUGGLING!  Weight is inching upwards and I don't want that AT ALL.  My knee is doing better but it got worse before better.  I developed a skin infection because, unknown to me, I am allergic to not only latex but also neoprene rubber which my knee brace is made out of.  Oh la la.  The itching got worse and the skin got infected and wow, it was bad.  I ended up needing antibiotics which led to the infection healing but then I got a secondary infection.  Ugh.  I'll include a pic if you want to see what an allergic reaction can do!  About my knee (I tore my posterior meniscus in July): I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon in November.  We'll see what he says.  I've been trying to do more stretches and also moving as much as I can.  I figure it's "move it or lose it" and I'm not prepared to lose it (the ability to move, not the weight - ready to lose the weight!)

Family-wise: My in-laws celebrated their 60th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY last month!  We are so blessed.  Currently though, my MIL is in hospital with an "unknown infection".  She fell ill this week and was admitted.  So far she's been in hospital for 2 days.  My mom was also in the hospital - she was having "tremors".  We were afraid she was having a stroke but they ruled that out.  They never figured out what the issue was but it did resolve.  She continues to decline with Alzheimer's.

So I'll leave you with some pics to brighten up this post!  The infection pic will be at the bottom so if you don't want to see it, heads up!

✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith (and fostering and grandparenting)! ~ Dawn
this is just one side of the infection

September 15, 2014

And now it's September...

I have a tanned-ish leg lol

Peter hugging the new baby (and mommy)

we went on one family walk - slow enough for me
(see how grand-son had to hold opa's hand?!)

our family has grown!

lots of snuggles w/ grand-daughter
I wasn't able to hike to all the sunsets but I did
get to a few

I know, it's been September for a while already, but I'm working on getting into a routine again after holidays and, well, it's just becoming September for me!

Did you have a good summer?  It wasn't my best summer - especially since my injury on July 17th.  Yup, almost 2 months ago now.  I had my MRI last week and the results came on Friday: torn posterior meniscus :( .  They told me that the MRI won't show if I have a Baker's Cyst also - they only show on ultrasounds and I had x-rays when it happened and then the MRI - soooo, I'm waiting to hear from my doctor about the next step.  I don't want to start physio without knowing the whole story (if there's more and I have a feeling there is). 

This whole thing has been a bummer and is getting me discouraged.  BUT, I was able to go camping for 2 weeks even though I went with trepidation.  When we made our reservations in the spring I didn't envision I'd be dealing with a wonky knee!  I enjoyed doing a lot of reading (completed three books!) as well as working on Baby's lifebook (we have to make a scrapbook of the children we care for's journey with us) and fiddling around with the settings on my new camera.  Not much walking or hiking or daily 1 hr walks like I usually do, but I was able to go.  And THAT was good!

still crazy in love
32 yrs since our 1st date!
In good news Grandbaby #3 is due within the next month and so far, so good for mommy!  Yah.  We have a grandson and a granddaughter so this one is a tie-breaker!  Whatever he/she is, we'll be thrilled!  Mommy is doing great and her last ultrasound results said they couldn't FIND the clot!  Another ultrasound is scheduled for tomorrow and we're hoping they find the same!

In weight news I have been struggling.  I have been trying to learn Trim Healthy Mama and implementing my new-found knowledge.  Definitely a learning curve but I know that once I understand it, I can do it for life.  It's not a temporary "diet". 

I've also been wearing my pedometer daily again and, even though I can't even go for a fraction of my typical 5-miles/day walks, I am trying to move as much as I can.  I wore my pedometer on our holidays and aimed for 5,000 steps per day.  I had quite a few days where I almost or did reach 10,000 steps!  That was without "exercising", just moving little by little and making a conscious effort to do so (and drinking a lot of water which required multiple walks to the washroom which was about 300 steps one way, lol).  I did use our camper toilet when I wasn't up to walking the 300+ steps.

I'll leave you with a few pics of my life over the past month!  I hope to have good baby news for you soon! (and our fostering journey continues - apparently adoption isn't as imminent as we were led to believe ... sad for our kiddo but great for us!  we love him so much!)

✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith (and fostering)!~ Dawn
1 + 1 = 10!
(with youngest daughter for the 1st week, everyone for the long
weekend, and just the two of us for the last week)

fiddling with my new camera - harvest moon
over the campsite!

August 3, 2014

Happy birthday to ME!

Grandma (me) and Peter @ sleepover weekend - FUN!
Opa, Peter & Auntie Alyssa
1st sleepover
Well there's a self-serving title, haha.  Yes tomorrow is my birthday... Usually I don't post on my blogs in August - just a month away from blogging, but I thought I'd post now and then let you know I don't plan to be back to post until mid-September.  Life gets busy, as you know, and I don't get to the computer as much as I'd like (in some ways) and also breaks are always good.  This summer has been busy in more ways than one - we had our first grandchild sleepover here last weekend which was soooo much fun, and tiring too, lol.  He's 14 months and a whole lot of fun!

Our granddaughter is now 6 weeks old and is smiling a lot and "talking".  So sweet! We love her so much and really enjoy being grandparents.  Sort of the icing on top of parenting! ;)

My leg continues to be an issue but I'm coping okay.  My weight is down, which makes me happy considering I cannot exercise like I used to and I was concerned about my muscles atrophying (I had this happen years ago when I had bedrest during my pregnancies and it took me so long to re-gain my strength.  I don't want that to happen this time at all, so I've been just trying to keep moving.  My sister-in-law gave me some stretches that I can do to help in this regard also.)  I still haven't heard about my test date but they have changed my required test from an ultrasound to an MRI so I suspect the wait will be a bit longer :S .  In the meantime, I have a good knee brace which makes me feel less vulnerable when I'm out and about.  I'm certainly not "active" any longer, but at least I can participate in life and this brace makes me feel that I could probably go to the beach again...maybe.  
Vanessa meets Great-grandma for 1st time

my balloon flower
I've been enjoying my new camera - still haven't figured it out and definitely have a lot more to learn on it, but its a good problem to have! ;) 

Our baby has been sick this past weekend and now I've got the cold too :( .  At least he netted two teeth through this cold deal! ;)

cone flowers
Birthday plans include a day off for everyone since Monday is Ontario's Civic Holiday - well, not everyone in Ontario has the day of since it isn't a Statutory holiday anymore (been replaced with Family Day in February) but my family has the day off, whoo-hoo.  We were going to go to the beach but it sounds like a day at-home, BBQ will be the plan instead.  What I want is a photo of hubby and I and both grandkids, that's it!

Birthday thoughts? Well, I have 2 years (Lord-willing) until my 50th (eek!) so my plan is to give myself these next two years to get the weight off.  Year one: to goal; Year two: maintain.  I have started reading Trim Healthy Mama and have started it very slowly (a lot to learn -- got any tips?)  I'm still very much a newbie but am down 4 lbs. this past week and what I do like about it is that it is geared for life, is not a temporary "diet".  I have a lot to print out for reference but need to install my new printer first... (I was supposed to go to the Bariatric Clinic for an appointment this month but haven't made any appointments since I've had so many extras with my knee/leg issue.)

ENJOY AUGUST!  Be safe! (and don't forget, you can email me if you have the time!  I love to hear from you!)

✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith! ~ Dawn

July 19, 2014

Didn't plan for THAT!

To the beach or not to the beach?
DH's fav - the beach and a good book
 Today we'd planned a day at the beach. For dh's bday - dh LOVES hot summer weather and beach time. Me? I like swimming (in clean not too cold water) and reading at the beach but hot weather isn't my fav. We were excited to go though - and the weather looked good. Then something snapped behind my knee. Wasn't doing anything fancy at the time - sat down to feed baby. That's it. PAAAIIIIIN. Honestly I don't think I cried/hollered that much during childbirth. Dil came to look after baby (thankfully!) And I waited in agony for dh to come home from work and take me to hosp.
I asked for an epidural! Yes I did. Oh pain. They gave me a shot in the hip and after a while I became coherant again. Too swollen (inside, outside looks fine) for an ultrasound but xray ruled out a fracture or something else. On anti-inflammatories for 5 days then ultrasound. Until then I'm treading softly and not going to the beach. The doc wonders if it's:
Torn meniscus?
"Bakers Cyst" (this name makes me envision all the baked goods that I've ever eaten just hidden behind my knee and causing problems, hehe)

the whole fam - circa july 2014!
Here's what I've learned:
1. The best laid plans are just that: plans. Anything can change. At any time.
2. Family is the best. They pitch in when you need them most. So thankful.
3. Medical staff do an amazing job. Appreciate them. They put up with a lot, including hollering women in pain.
4. Health care coverage is awesome. Even if its broken and in need of repair, its great. This incident could have set us back financially yet we only had to pay the drug deductible.
5. Speaking of drugs, they are gooooood. (Nurse says they're "medications" - drugs are what you get on the street!) Even though I didn't get an epidural as I requested, nor did I get to take the needle nurse home with me, I did get "medication". Ohhh thank you Lord for technology to take pain away.
6. Speaking of pain, I understand the plight of those in chronic pain with much more empathy now.
7. I'm thankful that I'm still able to care for our little one - he makes me smile and is such a treat!
8. Grandchildren make me happy, even in pain. Me in pain, not them.

✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith! ~ Dawn

June 30, 2014

Updates, Updates! (finally)

Vanessa Elizabeth, grandbaby #2

 I can't believe it's been over 1 month since I posted... I'll try to do better! (thank you to those who emailed me to ask where I've been! It means a lot to me!)

Vanessa & Grandma
A lot has happened since my last post - the most exciting thing has been the birth of our newest grand-baby, a GIRL, born June 17, 2014!  Her name is Vanessa Elizabeth and she is GORGEOUS!  She weighed 9 lbs. 5 oz. and was 11 days tardy.  Mom (our daughter Suzanne) and dad and baby are all well. 

The next exciting news is that our 3rd grand-child - still in the womb - is doing well so far after some serious complication which might compromise his/her life, and mom (our daughter-in-law, Angela) is now 26+ weeks along! An ultrasound is scheduled for next week again and hopefully the news will continue to be good.

Our foster baby is still with us - growing and changing so fast!  Now moving around - rolling and beginning to crawl.  So much fun, and another phase in parenting yet again!  Soon we will hand baby over to an adoptive family - after loving and caring since newborn - so my life has been busy between meetings and getting baby's lifebook up-to-date as well as the regular "life" things that go with all things babyness and grandma-ish!  I feel blessed! Sad that baby will leave but hopeful that baby will get an opportunity at a very good life with the family God has already chosen.

So more another time soon, I hope.  For now I'll leave you with some pics!

Vanessa and Opa
✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith! ~ Dawn
yes, she was born with all
this hair!
it's soft and beautiful!

May 20, 2014

Updates & Photos

grandma and grandson Peter
I'm still here, still struggling with weight and exercise - or should I say "working" rather than "struggling"?  The truth is that my weight is up about 10 lbs. right now and I am working/struggling to get it off ASAP.... Journaling via My Fitness Pal helps me so much. I have the APP on my phone for convenience (and no excuses!)

Still enjoying fostering SO MUCH - little one keeps me busy and with lots of slobbery kisses!

Our  grandson Peter who turns ONE this week!  How can that be? 

Our oldest daughter and son-in-law are expecting their little one VERY SOON - June 6th now, our first grand-daughter! (or so three ultrasounds say!) ... looking forward to meeting her and holding her finally! 

DIL @ 20 wks, D @ 37 wks.
Peter's 1st birthday cake -
made by mommy! 
(she made me a GF cupcake, yum, yum)
Our daughter-in-law is doing very well despite earlier serious problems in the pregnancy and is now 20 weeks along.  Still early but also very encouraging and we are so thankful for that and pray that it will continue on this path.

Lord-willing we will be grandparents 3x over by the fall!  God is good (and grandparenting is awesome!) BLESSED!

DIL, son and grandson
@ 1st birthday party yesterday
(bday is on May 22)
✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith! ~ Dawn