April 12, 2014

Mirrors Don't Lie Do They?

... DO THEY?  No they don't. 
Today I went shopping with my youngest daughter - without baby (opa babysat) and it was fun -- until I saw my reflection and then my feelings nose-dived. 

I didn't like what I saw, at all.

Didn't weigh myself yesterday and missed my TOPS WI (more on that later) but I can feel the difference.  Walks haven't happened as often as I'd like them to (or want them to) and I DO need them.  So I've got to ramp things up again.  Even if it's a DVD instead of an outdoor walk.

I missed my TOPS WI yesterday because I babysat our grandson.  Our daughter-in-law is expecting again but has been having difficulties and even thought she'd miscarried last weekend.  She ended up in the hospital on Sunday evening. We are thankful that she didn't and baby is active and well and is 15 weeks along now. 

Our daughter has only EIGHT weeks until she delivers her first child!  Our first grand-daughter, or so two ultrasounds say.  If this little one isn't a girl, he'd better like pink! ;)

our grandson, Peter (almost 11 months)
Life stays busy for me - the last two weeks have been waaaay too busy, but with busyness that couldn't be helped.  I am glad that I have a few breather days coming up (hopefully).  My mom is declining more and more - walking with a walker now (if she remembers it).  She sleeps a lot and can't carry on much of a conversation anymore.  I'm thankful to have baby to bring along to visits - she perks up with baby and it makes visiting much easier. 

We finished our 1st YEAR of fostering and had an excellent review.  We feel blessed to have helped three children in the past year!


✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith! ~ Dawn

March 24, 2014

It's MARCH...hehe

the "spring" day
Did that title get your attention?  Maybe you ignored it, thinking it's almost APRIL! Well, shows you how long it takes me to get to blogging now...

Thank you for your responses re: to blog or not to blog.  I think I will continue, however, I will aim for 1x per month, and if time is generous for me, I will try an extra blog post mid-month too... IF...

Life has been busy - but baby is getting easier so I'm getting into a semi-routine (very "semi" still) and am not so tired myself.  This really is a dream "job" for me - I enjoy it so much (if you don't know, we foster babies).  We just had our ANNUAL FOSTERING REVIEW - 1 yr!!  Amazing.  One  year of fostering and three children helped!  This is our pro-life views in action. 

the next day :(
I am really missing my walks.  Winter has been, well, WINTER, here since November.  We usually get gray, rainy, blaaaah, cold winters - with some snow here and there, which I don't like either.  Especially the grayness - which is tough for my SAD.  This winter was snow, snow, snow, and more snow.  And cold, cold, cold.  It was also sunny, sunny, sunny, so that was the good part.  But certainly not a winter for even bundled-up walks with baby - especially a premie baby.  Got a nice walk in a couple of weeks ago - it was cold, but not COLD and felt so springy.  I was in spring-mode.  The next day my exercise was hauling snow - A LOT of it.  Quite discouraging.  Right now we've got a windchill so even though it's a sunny day and the roads are clear of snow, it's not a baby-walk day :( .  Maybe soon.

Trying to get to doing an indoor exercise DVD but that has been tricky.  Baby doesn't seem to like to give me the 30-45 minutes it takes to do it.  I have gone to the mall and walked.  Am wearing my pedometer again but I'm getting around 6,000 daily steps.  A lot less than my 10,000+ steps last year. :( 

My weight has been slowly going down and I hope to have something good to tell you about it next post. 

HOW ARE THINGS GOING IN YOUR NECK OF THE WOODS?  Has spring arrived for you (other than in name only?!)

✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith! ~ Dawn

February 27, 2014

To Blog or Not to Blog?

Hi everyone, I haven't forgotten you!  Thank you to those who have contacted me, missing me!  It feels good to be missed!

Lots has happened here - and a lot of it has to do with us being foster parents, so I can't share what I'm up to here.  And that has been one of the reasons why I've been AWOL - besides being busy with a baby, and all that goes with babyness, and I can't share since it's all private.  So I feel like I don't have a whole lot to say here anymore!

Of course there are other things in our life - we are expecting two more grandchildren this year!! and our grandson is now 9 months old and starting to get into everything!  He's so cute! 

Besides all of that - I'm not sure how much info I want to share online anymore.  With fostering I've learned a lot about online safety and some of it really scares me - like personal photos that get taken and used for other websites, often not good things. 

I could make this blog private, but I know how difficult it is to blog-hop already, and if you have to sign in each time, will you still come back? 

So I'm asking - what do YOU think?  Should I continue to blog or delete the blog??  LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS!  I'll see if anyone replies and see what the consensus is, and then make a decision!

✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith! ~ Dawn

December 9, 2013

How do you celebrate?

Been busy here so this post will be my last until the New Year .... just a lot that I need to get done and time is flying by! 

How have you been doing?  I hope to take some time to blog-hop -- and do some reading -- I don't want to lose touch.

My journey is going well - not as I'd like - I'd like to be getting my walks in more but my eating has gone well.  Avoiding sugar seems to affect my kidneys - when I avoid it I don't get any pain.  Interesting. 


We are looking forward to our own family get-together a few days before Christmas - a dinner and gift-giving.  This year we have a little one to wrap gifts for!  Our grandson is 6 months old now!  So exciting!  Then we have a few get-togethers with friends and a big family get-together with my husband's family on Christmas afternoon.  Mom's nursing home has been closed with an illness outbreak so I haven't been able to see her in a few weeks now.  I'm hoping it will be open again very soon!


✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith! ~ Dawn

November 25, 2013

Lotsa News

Hello friends, sorry I've been AWOL but I do have good reasons!  First, our little one left our home and I am on call right now in case baby needs to come back, then, after a week, we will be on-call for another fostering placement.  It's been a bit of a roller coaster - saying goodbye to a sweetie who has touched our lives and hearts - but it's also been a good thing.  We had an AMAZING time with this little one - from May until this week, and it feels good to have done a good thing for someone in need! 

Our daughter and son-in-law announced that they're expecting a baby so that means that we're expecting our SECOND grandchild! ;)  Exciiiiting!!  Our grandson (from our son and daughter-in-law) is now 6 months old and baby is due in June, 2014.  We are very excited!

My sugar "cleanse" (I use that word reluctantly because I don't believe in "cleanses" per se - I don't believe in quick fixes) has gone very well - it seems to be the key that I was missing.  I lost 5 lbs. in the first week and it's been slower since then.  The best part, besides the weight loss, is that I've never felt better!  Not as tired as I used to be and my cravings have all but stopped.  Even PMS cravings.  I am still learning about it all - reading more - and hopefully this will continue.

Oh and one more tidbit about going sugarless:  I haven't had ONE bit of kidney pain since I went sugarless!!!  I am excited about that and hope it continues.

mine is this red colour! :)
Quinny "Buzz" bassinet stroller - bassinet
can be removed and a seat put on for
an older child

I had to cancel a bunch of appointments at the WMC due to fostering responsibilities, but there is some news - not good news actually.  My metabolism has SLOWED, which is not good (right now I'm burning only 16 calories/lb - I was burning 22 calories/lb).  This is likely because I haven't been getting my brisk walks in as frequently as necessary.  So this week I am working on getting back into those.  I now have an amazing protective stroller (like a pram) that should do well for winter walking - I hope to get some good use out of it this winter!  For now I can take a bit of a break and get some jobs done around here as well as get some good walking done.  I hope to show you some good pedometer stats very soon! ;)

Off to go pick up a Christmas tree!  THAT should be fun!

HOW ARE YOU DOING?  Leave a comment and let me know!
✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith! ~ Dawn

October 31, 2013

Sugar, Sugar

I'm still here, busy as ever, enjoying life and maintaining my weight.  Now if I were AT GOAL, maintaining would be great... I'm still trying to figure it all out, thankfully I haven't had kidney pain all week and it seems to be less now that I've lowered my protein intake.  But I am wondering if sugar is holding me back.

So my plan is to go on a sugar detox.  At first I thought it wouldn't be too difficult, because I'm not really a candy lover and I eat very healthily, but when I look closer, I do eat quite a few foods that are "healthy" but also sugar-full, albeit naturally sugar-filled ... like raisins, dried fruit, and things like that.  So I'll keep you updated.

HAVE YOU EVER GONE ON A SUGAR DETOX?  Any tips?  I'm following this: http://the21daysugardetox.com/

✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith! ~ Dawn

October 16, 2013

Be Nice to Your Best Friend

grandbaby LOVE!
One of the things that I've been working on is becoming my best friend.  What I mean by that is trying to be NICE TO MYSELF.  I know that I would never say the things I sometimes think to my best friend - or even to an acquaintance, and then I go on and on degrading myself in my own mind. Why?

It's a habit, I think.  I've learned to look critically at myself. 

he's already grown whiskers!

Fast forward to this past weekend.  Thanksgiving here, time for our annual family photo.  In last year's photo I felt FAT.  I was struggling with my weight, and then when we saw the photos, I was critical of myself.  This year I wanted a change.  My weight IS lower this year than last, so I was a bit more optimistic.  I was careful in what I wore, so that I wouldn't look bigger than I am. 

And then I saw this. Yes, we are humourous here and my oldest daughter was taking pics, and she took this one.  Oh. la. la.

It set me off. :( Self-hatred, the whole 9-yards. 


✿ To Health, Fitness and Faith! ~ Dawn
a better view, me and my man.